Youth And Sport Office


To ensure the participation of youth to enable their full participation and benefit from the socio-economic and political process to empowering them and Expanding community-based effective sport to equally participation women and disabled people without discrimination, to benefit physical fitness.


In 2022 E.C to see City youth persuaded Socio-economic development and democratic apparition so as to stand a result-oriented in the sport's development for social prosperity.

Core Values

  • We ensure society to based effective, a sport that builds and ensures the City good image to compete in every event of sport be built physique and cultivate there brain, test city of fitness irrespective of Age, Sex, Place and time
  • We create the situation of developing sport and participation of youth to be our service transparency and accountability.
  • to enhance the participation of the youth in traditional sports and sport for-all as well as recreational activities inconsistent with their capacity and preference so as to realize the fundamental rights of citizens towards exercising sports
  • we promote various types of sports and extend and popularize it within the community
  • To ensure administrative commitment
  • To deliver quality service for citizens satisfaction and belief
  • To achieve Mutual support and understanding
  • To ensure Integrity

Our Location