To see Jigjiga be suitable for life, well developed livable residential neighborhood and vibrant strong economical centers and attractive with, business, administrative, service, industrial and transportation hub functions.


“To see Jigjiga city became livable vibrant and service center where investment is highly promoted”

Core Values

ጠቅላላ እይታ

The town of Jigjiga is located at about 628 km east of Addis Ababa. It is found in the Somali National Regional State [SNRS] which has a status of regional capital. The administrative structure of the town consists of 30 kebeles of which 20 are urban kebeles while the remaining 10 are rural. Besides its administrative role, the town has remained an important commercial center ever since its early establishment of the end of the 19th century. Today Jigjiga is an important urban center in the region that has been playing significant role in the political, economic and social arena of the region. The population of the town is consistently growing from 24,716 in 1984 to 65,795 in 1997 and thereby to 132,102 in 2010. Currently (2020), it is projected to be 282,750, and according to the National Urban Development Spatial Plan (NUDSP), the population of the town by the year 2035 is projected to be 625, 801.